Anbu Sagodharargal

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Anbu Sagodharargal
Directed by Lakshmi Deepak
Produced by Jayanthi Films
Starring Jaishankar
A.V.M. Rajan
Venniradai Nirmala
S. V. Ranga Rao
Music by K.V. Mahadevan
Release date
Language Tamil

Anbu Sagodharargal is a Tamil film is directed by Lakshmi Deepak. It is remake of director's own Telugu film Pandanti Kapuram.


A.V.M. Rajan
Venniradai Nirmala
S. V. Ranga Rao
Major Sundarrajan
V. K. Ramasamy
V. S. Ragavan

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This film is well known for the song 'Muthukku Muthaaga' sung by Ghantasala. This song is sung in two moods - one happy and the other sad. Gantasala - What a great singer - No singer in the whole history of Indian cinema had exhibited such a great depth of sorrow as Gantasala had done in the sad version of the song - No one can hold back tears when hearing the sad song - Hear the same song sung in happy mood also - You can see how amazingly Gantasala had differentiated between the happy and sad songs. The music was composed by the legendary K.V.Mahadevan. Incidentally, this was the last song sung in Tamil by the great Ghatasala. Reply ·