Ancestor (novel)

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Cover for the 2010 hardback release of Ancestor
AuthorScott Sigler
CountryUnited States
GenreHorror, Science fiction
PublishedDragon Moon Press (2007),
Crown Publishing (2010)
Media typePrint (Hardback and e-book),

Ancestor is a science fiction thriller novel by New York Times bestselling author Scott Sigler. The novel was released in podcast format in 2006, with it also being released in print via Dragon Moon Press in 2007. Ancestor was later re-released by Crown Publishing in 2010.[1]


Ancestor follows PJ Colding as he and his crew are tasked with transporting a team of scientists to a remote snow-covered landscape to finish their project: to recreate the ancestor of all humanity in order to provide life-saving organs that would be compatible with all people. As a snow storm threatens to trap them on the island, the scientists succeed beyond their wildest expectations. The result, however, might just bring humanity to extinction.


Critical reception for the 2010 re-release of Ancestor has been positive, with Nerdist writing "It’s like Michael Crichton and Stephen King had a fabulous, bouncing baby".[2] The Guardian criticized the prose and characterisation as "rudimentary" but praised the pacing and denouement.[3] BookReporter also praised the novel, citing its characters as a highlight.[4]

Of the 2009 print release, wrote "I can see how this format was appealing for the more imaginative podcast format – but avid readers who enjoy fast-paced and exciting sci-fi thrillers will be disappointed by the print version of this effort."[5]