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Leonardo da Vinci's birth place.

Anchiano is a village (frazione) in the comune of Vinci, Tuscany, central Italy. The landscapes of Anchiano are much the same as they were during in Leonardo's time; thanks to the lack of urbanization in this area they have remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. The landscapes consist of vineyards and olive groves, and along the little street from Vinci, to Anchiano, there are some houses that are rarely visited. There are beautiful grape trees there.

The village is known for the ancient Villa del Ferrale, with its chapel Santi Antonio e Francesco.[1]

Notable Residents[edit]

  • Leonardo da Vinci was born in a farmhouse near Anchiano on 15 April 1452. His full name was "Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci", which means "Leonardo, son of Piero, from Vinci". Anchiano is a hamlet near Vinci, in the hills of Tuscany in the province of Florence. The house where Leonardo Da Vinci was born is situated between Anchiano and Faltognano, about 3 km from Vinci.


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