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Anchor Hocking Company
Formerly called
The Hocking Glass Company
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
Industry Glassware and other consumer products
Founded 1905 (1905) in Lancaster, Ohio, United States[1]
Founders Isaac J. Collins and E.B. Good[1]
Plant #44 in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Anchor Hocking Company is a manufacturer of glassware that is part of EveryWare Global Inc.. The Hocking Glass Company was founded in 1905 by Isaac Jacob (Ike) Collins in Lancaster, Ohio and named for the Hocking River.[2][3]

That company merged with the AnchorCap and Closure Corporations in 1937.[4] From 1937-1983 the company operated the oldest glass manufacturing facility in the United States, established in 1863, in Salem, New Jersey.[5] Plant #44 is located in Monaca, Pennsylvania. It also had facilities in Elmira, New York and Streator, Illinois. In 1987, the Newell Company acquired Anchor Hocking Corporation.

The company was the sponsor of the radio drama "Casey, Crime Photographer."

Anchor Hocking and their headquarters in Lancaster, Ohio, is a focus of Brian Alexander's book "Glass House".[6]

Depression glass[edit]

Anchor Hocking Depression glass, Teardrop and Dot pattern

The company was a major producer of Depression glass. The first glassware produced as Anchor Hocking Glass Company was Royal Ruby in 1939. In addition, Anchor Hocking produced Forest Green Glass, Fire-King and Anchor Ovenware.

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