Anchor Island

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This article is about the island in New Zealand. For the island in Canada's Nunavut Territory, see Anchor Island (Nunavut).
Anchor Island
Puke Nui (Māori)
Nickname: kakapo island
Location Dusky Sound
Coordinates 45°45′S 166°30′E / 45.750°S 166.500°E / -45.750; 166.500
Area 13.8 km2 (5.3 sq mi)
Highest elevation 417 m (1,368 ft)
Population 0

Anchor Island (Māori: Puke Nui) is a 1,380 ha (3,400 acres) island in Dusky Sound, Fiordland National Park in the Southland district of New Zealand. The island has an elevation of 417 metres (1,368 ft) and is 2.5 km (1.6 mi) from the New Zealand mainland. It is now used by the Department of Conservation as a safe haven for endangered birds such as the tieke.

Coordinates: 45°45′S 166°30′E / 45.750°S 166.500°E / -45.750; 166.500

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