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Ancient Corp.
Public[citation needed]
Industry Video game industry
Founded April 1, 1990[1]
Headquarters Hino, Tokyo, Japan[1]
Key people
Yuzo Koshiro (manager)[1]
Number of employees

Ancient Corp. (株式会社エインシャント?, Kabushiki-Gaisha Einshanto) is a video game developer founded on April 1, 1990, and managed by the game music composer Yuzo Koshiro.[1] The company was founded by his mother, Tomo Koshiro, while his sister Ayano Koshiro also works at the company as a character and graphic designer.[2] In addition to developing, planning, and producing games, Ancient (by the way of Yuzo Koshiro) contributes music to other games not directly worked by the company.



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