Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain

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The Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain (simplified Chinese: 龙头山古墓群; traditional Chinese: 龍頭山古墓群; pinyin: Lóngtóushān gǔmùqún) are the burial sites of twelve royal figures from Balhae. It is located on Longtou Mountain, southeast of Toudao Town (头道镇) in Helong, Jilin Province, China, a region possibly called the "Western Field of the Ran Valley" (染谷之西原) by the Balhae people. The Mausoleum of Princess Jeonghyo is located here. The tomb covers an area of 500 metres east to west, and 400 metres north to south. The site has been a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level since January 13, 1988. The walls and the murals of the tomb have been covered with anti-corrosive chemicals; at one point the tomb included at least one tower, but it is no longer standing.[1][2]

There are three burial zones:[1]

  • Dragon Lake (龍湖)
  • Dragon Sea (龍海)
  • Stone Kingdom (石國)


Coordinates: 42°45′N 129°12′E / 42.750°N 129.200°E / 42.750; 129.200