Ancora Psychiatric Hospital

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Ancora Psychiatric Hospital
New Jersey Department of Human Services
LocationWinslow Township, New Jersey, United States
FundingGovernment hospital
Hospital typePsychiatric
ListsHospitals in the United States

Ancora Psychiatric Hospital is a 532 active bed (709 capacity)[1] hospital located in the Ancora section of Winslow Township, New Jersey. Opened in 1955, the Ancora campus consists of 650 acres (263 ha). The hospital offers a multidisciplinary team approach to development and implementation of care. Ancora is the largest of the state's four public psychiatric hospitals.[2] Although the hospital is located in Winslow, it is assigned a Hammonton mailing address.

Criminal investigation and controversy[edit]

In 2008, an investigation took place at Ancora by the U.S. Department of Justice. There has been a substantial number of repeated deaths and injuries among patients at the facility, since 2006. The investigation focused on whether patients were safe from harm, and whether residents were served in the most reconciled setting appropriate to their needs, along with their civil rights not violated.[2]

Investigators found that "patients at Ancora suffer an undue risk of harm, stemming from the facility's failure to treat aggressive and self-abusive behavior and its failure to implement systems to protect patients from harm." Ancora also "segregates far too many patients for whom a hospital setting is not appropriate."[3]

Ancora has had several issues at its campus, regarding crowded conditions and poor leadership.[citation needed]

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