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Ancyromonas sp.
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Sulcozoa
Subphylum: Varisulca
Order: Ancyromonadida
Family: Ancyromonadidae
Cavalier-Smith 1993
Genus: Ancyromonas
Kent 1880
Type species
A. sigmoides
Kent, 1880
  • A. abrupta Skvortzov 1957
  • A. contorta (Klebs 1883) Lemmermann 1914
  • A. lata Skvortzov 1957
  • A. magna Zhang & Yang 1993
  • A. metabolica Skvortzov 1957
  • A. nitzschiae Skvortzov 1957
  • A. parasitica Massart
  • A. prima Skvortzov1957
  • A. rotundata Skvortzov 1957
  • A. rugosa Skvortzov 1957
  • A. ruminantium Certes 1899
  • A. socialis Skvortzov 1957
  • A. sigmoides Kent 1880 sensu Heiss, Walker & Simpson 2010

Ancyromonas is a genus of Varisulca. It is a flagellate.[1]

It includes the species Ancyromonas sigmoides.[2]

Planomonas has been described as a junior synonym of Ancyromonas.[3] They appear more basal than Malawimonas, placing them in Loukouzoa, possibly as stem podiates, and depending on the placement of the root position of the Eukaryotes.[4][5]


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