And Then They Came for Me

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And Then They Came for Me is a play by American author James Still.[1] It is a multimedia production, which combines tapes of interviews with Anne Frank's friends who survived the HolocaustEd Silverberg (formerly Helmuth "Hello" Silberberg) and Eva Geiringer Schloss - with live actors recreating the scenes from their lives. It is part oral history, part drama, part remembrance, and is ensemble driven.[2] The title refers to the famous poem "First they came ..." by Pastor Martin Niemöller.


  • Ed – Born in Germany 1926. Given name is Helmuth Silberberg (nicknamed "Hello"); now uses the name Ed Silverberg. Moved to the Netherlands to escape the Nazis.
  • Ed’s Father – Sends Ed to his grandfather in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He went to Belgium.
  • Ed’s Mother – Moved to Belgium with Ed’s father.
  • Eva – Eva Geiringer Schloss. Born in Austria in 1929, her family moves to Amsterdam in 1940.
  • Heinz Geiringer – Eva’s brother.
  • Mutti Geiringer – Eva’s mother.
  • Pappy Geiringer – Eva’s father. Separates himself and Heinz from the rest of the family because it is easier to hide two people than four.
  • Anne Frank – Born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father moves his family to Amsterdam in 1934 after Hitler comes to power.
  • SS Border Guards.
  • Hitler Youth.

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