And They Call It Democracy

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And They Call It Democracy
Genre current affairs, Latin America
Running time 15-30 min.
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English, Spanish
Home station KPOV-LP
Hosted by Timoteo Jeffries
Created by Timoteo Jeffries
Recording studio Bend, Oregon
Original release June 29, 2005[1] – November 5, 2008
Opening theme Call It Democracy

And They Call It Democracy is a radio program which ran from June 2005 to November 2008 on KPOV-LP in Bend, Oregon, United States.[2] And They Call It Democracy's tagline is "news and analysis from a leftist, socialist, and environmentalist perspective".[3]


All broadcasts were researched, written, and translated into Spanish by Timoteo Jeffries.


Broadcasts generally consisted of coverage of current events, especially related to politics, media, and US relations with Latin America. A number of English and Spanish news sources were used. Analysis and opinion was provided by Jeffries and often focused on the fundamental differences in the reporting of the issues by mainstream US and alternative or Latin American sources. Each section of the show (except for some of the earliest broadcasts) was read by Jeffries in both English and Spanish. A few broadcasts featured Jeffries' wife (a native Spanish speaker) providing the Spanish translation.

Air times[edit]

During the November 5, 2008, broadcast Jeffries said he would be going on sabbatical.[4] New shows are not currently being produced.

The latest shows of And They Call It Democracy were broadcast on every other Wednesday at 5PM on KPOV-LP. The KPOV website also has the latest broadcasts of their shows available for download. As of November 6, 2008 the And They Call It Democracy website has started to provide archived audio and transcripts from past broadcasts.


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