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Andaleeb Wajid is a Bangalore-based writer. She has written on diverse topics like food, relationships and weddings in a Muslim context. She has spoken about how she wants to challenge the stereotypical representation of Muslim lives through her stories.

Personal life[edit]

She started writing at the young age of 10 and decided to pursue writing as a career after school. She is married now and has two sons.


  • Kite Strings (2009) is a story of a teenager in a Muslim household who is a rebel without a cause.
  • Blinkers Off (2011) is a novel about a girl named Noor who falls in love with Dennis, who is the boyfriend of a class diva. The novel is about how a 'gorgeous' guy falls for a girl who is slightly 'plump' and 'average looking'. Andaleeb Wajid questions stereotypes of beauty in a way through this novel.
  • In the novel, My Brothers Wedding (2013) she has written about a girl who starts blogging about her experience of looking for a girl for his brother.
  • More than just biryani (2014) represents three generations of women from the same family. The common thread binding them is food. This book started out as a recipe book and then evolved into fiction. The book was inspired from a video of the author's father three months before he died. The mother looks very happy in the video, but little does she know that her life is going to change in a matter of three months.
  • The Tamanna Trilogy (2014) is a three book series about a young girl Tamanna. Tamanna travels back in time to the 80s when her mother is a teenager. However, she ends up falling for Manoj who was her mother's neighbour. The story of what happens unfolds through the span of these three novels - No time for goodbyes, Back in time and Time will tell.
  • When she went away (2016) is a story about a woman who leaves her husband and children behind and disappears. It is a story about a sixteen year old trying to comprehend why her mother left and never came back.
  • Asmara's summer (2016) is a story about a 17 year old who goes to live with her grandparents for the summer. She is not happy about it. But, as the story progresses her life changes forever.
  • Twenty-Nine Going on Thirty is a story about a Bangalore girl Priya whose is turning 30.


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