Andar Baahar

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Andar Baahar
Directed by Raj N. Sippy
Produced by Romu N. Sippy
Written by Sachin Bhowmick
Starring Anil Kapoor
Jackie Shroff
Danny Denzongpa
Moon Moon Sen
Music by R. D. Burman
Cinematography Ashok Mehta
Edited by Waman Bhosle
Gurudutt Shirali
Release date
  • 7 September 1984 (1984-09-07)
Country India
Language Hindi

Andar Bahaar (English: Inside and Outside) is a 1984 Hindi film. Produced By Romu Sippy and directed by Raj N. Sippy, the film follows the story line of 1982 Hollywood film 48 Hrs.. The film stars Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Moon Moon Sen and Danny Denzongpa in the lead roles. The film's music is by R. D. Burman. The Kannada film Police File (1992) was loosely based on this film.


The notorious criminal Shera enlists the help of small time crook and expert safe-cracker Raja to help him rob a bank. The robbery goes without a hitch but Shera, wanting all the loot for himself, shoots Raja. Their third partner Gulshan flees with the loot, abandoning Shera. The sound of gunshot brings Inspector Ajay Sahani to the scene. He arrests Shera and Raja, who is only wounded by the bullet.

With help from his loyal crony Gangu, Shera escapes from prison. He then kidnaps Gulshan's sister and keeps her with him until Gulshan can give him all the money from the loot. Gulshan panics and informs the police about Shera's hideout. Inspectors Sahani and his friend Inspector Ravi Khanna both reach the scene but fail to apprehend Shera who flees after fatally shooting Inspector Sahani.

Filled with rage and vengeance, Ravi gets permission from the Police Commissioner to release Raja in his custody so that he may help him track down Shera. Initially Ravi and Raja knock heads and often get into arguments. But after Raja saves Ravi's life, they become good friends. After a lot of investigative work and dangerous encounters, the two eventually manage to arrest Shera.



The music for the film was composed by R.D. Burman with lyrics by Gulshan Bawra. The playback singers used were Shailender Singh and Suresh Wadkar for the male actors and Asha Bhosle for all the female actors.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Andar Baahar Baahar Andar" Suresh Wadkar
2 "Humko To Yaari Se Matlab Hai" Shailender Singh, Suresh Wadkar
3 "Humko To Yaari Se Matlab Hai (Sad)" Shailender Singh
4 "Kaise Kaise Hain Mere Meherban" Asha Bhosle
5 "Mausam Bada Suhaana Hai" Shailender Singh, Asha Bhosle
6 "Meri Aankhon Mein Zaraa Jhaanko" Asha Bhosle


Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff had issues about credits that each one wanted his name would display first.[1]


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