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Andell Inc.
Industry Private equity, Holding Company,Investment Company
Founder Andrew Hauptman
Headquarters Los Angeles, United States
Key people
Andrew Hauptman[1]
Number of employees

Andell Inc. (formerly known as Andell Holdings, LLC) is a private investment firm and family office. Andell manages assets that grew out of the family’s controlling position of The Seagram Co. Ltd. Andell’s current activities include direct and indirect investments in public and private companies, real estate, and partnerships with investment managers.[2][3]

Key Interests[edit]

Chicago Fire Soccer Club
Andrew Hauptman became the owner and chairman of Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire Soccer Club in 2007.[4] Hauptman has announced construction of the $20 million, 140,000 square-foot Chicago Fire Soccer Center on the northside[5] and expanded the Chicago Fire Foundation, which has provided over $1.7 million in grants, contributions and in-kind support.[6][7]

In 2015, the Chicago Fire Foundation was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Sports Award, which honors recipients for their innovative and influential approaches to using sports to build a Culture of Health in their communities.[8]

Real Estate[edit]

Notable Deals:

  • 2013: San Francisco-based Ridge Capital Investors and an affiliate of Andell Inc. bought a 105-unit apartment portion of the LeSarra project for $22.8 million[9]
  • 2014: Pacific Capital sold the 136-unit Sierra Ridge Apt. complex in Roseville, CA to Ridge Capital Investors and an affiliate of Andell, Inc. for $18 million[10]

Direct Investments[edit]

Andell makes direct investments in companies through itself or various subsidiaries.

Notable investments:

  • 2013: TrueCar[11]
  • 2013: BSN SPORTS/Herff Jones merger[12]
  • 2014: PODs Enterprise[13]
  • 2015: Capital Vision Services[14]

Key People[edit]

Andrew Hauptman is Co-Chairman of Andell Inc.[15][16] He oversees the firm’s investment, operating, sports, real estate and media businesses.[17]


Andell Inc. was named after Andrew and Ellen Bronfman Hauptman (daughter of Charles Bronfman), the two principal owners,[18] using the first portions of each of their names (ANDrew and ELLen).


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