Anders Abraham Grafström

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Anders Abraham Grafström
Anders Abraham Grafström.jpg
Born (1790-01-10)10 January 1790
Died 24 July 1870(1870-07-24) (aged 80)
Occupation Professor
Language Swedish
Genre Poetry; History

Anders Abraham Grafström (10 January 1790 – 24 July 1870) was a Swedish historian, priest and poet.


Grafström was born in Sundsvall. In 1819, he was the library secretary of Uppsala University. The following year he was named as a lecturer in history at the university, and he later taught at the Military Academy Karlberg. In 1835 he was appointed as a pastor in Umeå, where he lived until his death. He was admitted into the Swedish Academy in 1839, occupying Seat 6.

Grafström belonged to the literary circle centred on Malla Silfverstolpe. He wrote a famous biography of his father-in-law Frans Michael Franzén. Some of Grafström's poetry was set to music by the composer Johan Erik Nordblom. His daughter married Artur Hazelius, the teacher and folklorist. In his later years, Grafström was a vocal exponent of the expansion of the railway network into Norrland. He died at Umeå, aged 80.


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  • Tal öfver Högstsalig Hans Majestät Konung Carl XIII, hållet på Gustavianska Lärosalen i Upsala, den 6 maj 1818. Stockholm, 1818.
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  • Sånger från Norrland. Stockholm, 1841.
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  • Samlade skaldestycken. Stockholm, 1864.
Cultural offices
Preceded by
Adolf Göran Mörner
Swedish Academy,
Seat No 6

Succeeded by
Fredrik August Dahlgren