Anders Andersen-Lundby

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Monument to Andersen-Lundby placed where he grew up.
Raadvad in 1872, painted by Anders Andersen-Lundby
Anders Andersen-Lundby, Winter at the lake, 1887

Anders Andersen-Lundby (born December 16, 1841, in Lundby - d. January 4, 1923, in Munich) was a Danish landscape painter from Lundby Hills at Aalborg, Denmark.[1]


In 1861, when he was twenty, Andersen-Lundby traveled to Copenhagen, and there he exhibited his works for the first time in 1864. By 1870, he gained popularity by exhibiting winter landscapes, a subject he continued to work with. In 1876, he moved to Munich with his family where he exhibited his paintings.[2] However, he frequently visited Denmark and participated in exhibitions there.[3]


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