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Anders Donner (November 5, 1854–April 15, 1938)[1] was a professor of astronomy at the University of Helsinki observatory between 1883 and 1915. Before that, he served as a docent of astronomy between 1881-83. He was the vice headmaster of the university between 1902 and 1911, a principal 1911–1915, chancellor of political sciences 1917–1919 and 1921–1926.

Under the leadership of Donner, the observatory participated in the international star directory and star map project "Carte du Ciel". The star directory photograph work began in 1890 in Helsinki and it was ready in 1937. The Helsinki directory contains about 285,000 stars, their luminance and precise positions. Donner donated most of the work to the university.

The crater Donner on the far side of the Moon and the asteroid 1398 Donnera are named after him.


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