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Anders Fager Johansson
Born (1964-03-03) 3 March 1964 (age 59)
Notable worksSvenska Kulter
Jag såg henne idag i receptionen
Notable awardsCatahyapriset

Anders Fager Johansson (born 1964) is a Swedish game designer and horror writer.


Born in Stockholm, eighteen year old Fager joined Äventyrspel in 1982 to travel around the country demonstrating Sweden's first role-playing game, Drakar & Demoner, a game that at the time was compared to "improvised radio theatre". Fager wrote Spindelkonungens pyramid [sv], the first role-playing game adventure published in Swedish.[1][2] He also co-designed board games for the Äventyrsspel label, such as Lützen [sv][3] and Monstret som slukade Stockholm [sv].[4][5]

After among other things an army career, Fager made his debut as a writer in 2009 with the short story collection Swedish Cults (Svenska kulter) that received a most favourable review in Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter[6] and launched Fager's career as full-time writer. Fager writes modern urban horror in a style he has repeatedly described as ”what would happen if James Ellroy took on H.P. Lovecraft”. Set in present-day Sweden, his interconnected stories form a modern part of the Cthulhu mythos with entities such as Dagon, Hastur and Nyarlathotep making appearances. Fager's fictional world, known as "The Cult's World", has been made into a role playing game and a graphic novel and his stories has been worked into the Swedish edition of role playing game Call of Cthulhu. Fager has been published in Finland, Italy and France.[7]

In the 2010s he has written role-playing supplements for such games as Kult, Twilight: 2000, Call of Cthulhu, Tales from the Loop and the new release of Chock, originally a Swedish translation of the RPG Chill.[5] In 2020 his short story "Backstairs" was published by US publisher Valancourt Books.[8] In 2022 Fager and artist Peter Bergting's graphic novel The Crows was published by Dark Horse Comics.[9] and "Swedish Cults" published in the USA by Valancourt Books.[10]



  • Swedish Cults (2009, Svenska kulter)[13]
  • Collected Swedish Cults (2011; Samlade svenska kulter – An omnibus featuring the short stories from Swedish Cults as well as "Interspecies Liaisons" and "You can not live")
  • I Saw Her Today at the Reception (2012, Jag såg henne idag i receptionen)
  • Under the bridge at Arcole (2014, - Short story in Paradox Entertainment's anthology Europa Universalis)[15]
  • The Evil Substitute (2014, Den elaka vikarien, children's book with Daniel Thollin)
  • A Man of Wealth and Taste (2014, En man av stil och smak)
  • Kaknäs' last tape (2015, Kaknäs sista band)
  • Dirty Black Summer (2016, Smutsig svart sommar, graphic novel adopted from The Furies from Borås)
  • Eve's First Week Being Dead (2017, Evas första vecka som död, audiobook)
  • For the Love of Goddess (2017, För Gudinnan, novel)
  • Faraday - audionovel. For the roleplaying game Kult.[16]
  • War! Children! (2019, Krig! Barn!, novel)
  • The Crows (2020, Kråkorna, graphic novel with Peter Bergting)
  • Kraken (2021, easy reading)
  • The Octopus and the japanese sailor (2022, "Bjäckfisken och den japanske sjömannen", novel.)


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