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Anders Foss (1543 – 25 January 1607) was a Norwegian clergyman and Bishop of Bergen.[1]

Anders Michaelsen Foss was born in Denmark. He was the son of Catharina Tausen (ca 1535-1592), eldest daughter from the first marriage of Hans Tausen (1494–1561), Bishop of the Diocese of Ribe .[2] Foss took his magister degree in divinity during 1564 in Copenhagen. He was employed as rector of the convent school at Antvorskov Kloster on Zealand . After 1570, he was parish priest at Stege Church on the island of Møn. He served as Lutheran Bishop in Bergen stift from 1583 until he died in 1607.[3][4][5]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Jens Pedersen Schjelderup
Bishop of Bjørgvin
Succeeded by
Anders Mikkelsen Kolding