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Anders Nordin is a Brazilian drummer (adopted by Swedish parents), best known for his work with progressive death metal band Opeth.

Nordin was asked to join Opeth by Mikael Åkerfeldt, having previously played with him in another death metal band, Eruption. Along with David Isberg on vocals, Mikael Åkerfeldt and Andreas Dimeo on guitar, and Nick Döring on bass, Nordin became an official member in 1990. Other members came and went, until the roster was solidified in 1994 with Åkerfeldt on vocals/guitar, Peter Lindgren on guitar, and Johan DeFarfalla on bass.

Nordin appears on the albums Orchid (1995) and Morningrise (1996). After the tour in support of Morningrise had finished, Nordin decided to leave Opeth as he (according to Åkerfeldt [1]) had informed the band he was moving to Brazil. However, in an interview with fellow Swedish band Katatonia, it was stated Nordin never moved to Brazil (according to guitarist Anders Nyström and contrary to popular belief) and had rehearsed with Katatonia (circa 1998) for a proposed tour, which was cancelled due to Nordin's last-minute withdrawal [2]. Anders eventually resided in Brazil, well after parting company with the band.

The departure in sound on all subsequent Opeth recordings has often been attributed to the recruitement of drummer Martin Lopez.

In an interview from the summer of 2008, Åkerfeldt reveals that Anders has returned from Brazil and is living in Sweden.