Anders Odden

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Anders Odden
Odden Tuska.JPG
With Celtic Frost, Tuska Festival, Finland 2006
Background information
Birth name Anders Odden
Also known as Odden, Neddo
Born (1972-12-20) 20 December 1972 (age 44)
Origin Stavanger, Norway
Genres Black metal, death metal, industrial rock
Occupation(s) Musician, writer
Instruments Guitar, bass, vocals
Years active 1988–present
Labels Earache Records
Tatra Productions
Gun Records/SonyBMG
Rapax Productions
Universal Music Group (UMG)
Associated acts Cadaver
Celtic Frost
ORDER (band)
Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult[1][2][3][4]

Anders Odden (born 20 December 1972), is a Norwegian musician. He is the co-founder and guitarist of the Norwegian death metal band Cadaver (1988–1993; 1999–present), and is the bass player for Norwegian black metal band Satyricon (2009–present). He is founder and guitarist of the old school black metal band ORDER and the industrial rock band Magenta.[5] He played live guitar for Celtic Frost (2006–2007 and have had several guest appearances with bands such as The Young Gods and Ministry among others.

Personal life[edit]

Anders was born in Stavanger. He moved to Fredrikstad and then to Råde sometime during his childhood, where he grew up without any TV and listened to his father's collection of classical music. He was unaware of rock music until the age of 7 when he discovered Kiss and devoted his life to music.

Music career[edit]

Anders Odden started out as a black metal musician and artist in the mid 80s, and went on to start one of Norway's first death metal bands, Cadaver, in 1988. He formed Magenta in 1995 as an outlet for other musical ideas than death metal. Celtic Frost recruited him as their live guitarist in 2006. He toured Europe, USA, Canada and Japan with them on their Monotheist Tour, which ended in 2007. After Celtic Frost he co-founded metal super group Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult that lasted between 2009-2011. He had by then joined Satyricon as their temp live bass player in 2009, but moved on to hold this position permanently from 2013. He performed on "Live at the Opera" DVD/CD/LP with Satyricon released 2015 and are currently involved with the bands coming album TBA 2017. In 2013 he founded the old school back metal band ORDER together with Manheim (ex-Mayhem), Messiah (ex-Mayhem) and Rene Jansen (ex-Cadaver). When Rene Jansen died the 3rd of December 2014 ORDER decided to continue. They recruited Stu Manx (ex-Gluecifer) in August 2015 and released their debut demo tape, "Folly Grandeur", in April 2016.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Odden worked as a consultant for music organizations in Norway, such as RIO, GramArt, MIC and MFO (Musicians Union in Norway). He is the founder of music business seminar IMC, which is held during the annual Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway. In 2011 he release his autobiography, "Piratliv", on Jurtizen Forlag which received great reviews in Norwegian media.


  • Magenta, (EP) AT&MT (1997)
  • One Mind, (single) 1998 RapaxPRod/Tatra (1998)
  • Periode, RapxProd/Tatra (1998)
  • All Over, (single) Re:pop (2002)
  • Little Girl Lost, Re:pop (2002)
  • Art and Accidents, AT&MT (2009)
  • Magenta Aus Norwegen, AT&MT (2012)
  • Songs for the Dead, Cleopatra Records (2015)
Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult


Deadly Metal - 1985 - guitar
Slaught - 1986–1987 - guitar
FOAD - 1986 - guitar, bass, vocals, drums
Asmodeus - 1987 - guitar, bass, vocals, drums
Baphomet - 1987–1988 - guitar
Monument - 1988 - guitar
Cadaver - 1988–1993, 2003–present - guitar
Braindead - 1988 - drums
Balvaz - 1989 - drums
Hydr-Hydr - 1990–1991 - drums
Nesten Døde - 1989–1991 - drums
Thy Abhorrent - 1991 - live guitar
The Young Gods - 1992, 1995 - live guitar
Jemotor 1 - 1993–1995 - guitar
Magenta - 1995–present - guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals
Satyricon - 1997–1999 - session recording guitar, 2009–present bass
Cadaver Inc - 1999–2002 - guitar
Mayhem - 2000 - programming
Celtic Frost - 2006–2007 - live guitar
Pigface - 2009 - guitar
Ministry - 2008 - live guitar
Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult - 2009–2011 - guitar
ORDER - 2013–present - guitar