Anderson's shrew

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Anderson's shrew
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Eulipotyphla
Family: Soricidae
Genus: Suncus
S. stoliczkanus
Binomial name
Suncus stoliczkanus
(Anderson, 1877)
Anderson's Shrew area.png
Anderson's shrew range

The Anderson's shrew (Suncus stoliczkanus) is a medium-sized species of shrew. It is light gray in color with yellow fur around the throat and pectoral region, comparatively large ears and a tail that measures about 50 – 70% of body length. This shrew species is widespread, found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, in gardens and grassy embankments near watercourses (Sindh and Punjab regions, India), under piles of brushwood in forest plantations (Punjab) as well as the bases of stone walls in Kathiawar (Roberts, 1977), and also in desert and arid country (Hutterer, 1993). As far as is known, the habits of the Anderson's shrew are largely nocturnal and solitary. Breeding may extend throughout the year.


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