Anderson River (Indiana)

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Anderson River
Huffman Mill Covered Bridge, eastern side.jpg
A covered bridge over the river, along the Perry/Spencer county line
Basin features
Main source Johnson Township, Crawford County, Indiana
815 ft (248 m)
38°18′57″N 86°36′51″W / 38.3158333°N 86.6141667°W / 38.3158333; -86.6141667 (Anderson River origin)
River mouth Confluence with the Ohio River at Troy, Indiana
390 ft (120 m)
37°59′55″N 86°48′34″W / 37.9986111°N 86.8094444°W / 37.9986111; -86.8094444 (Anderson River mouth)Coordinates: 37°59′55″N 86°48′34″W / 37.9986111°N 86.8094444°W / 37.9986111; -86.8094444 (Anderson River mouth)
Progression Anderson River → Ohio → Mississippi → Gulf of Mexico
Physical characteristics
Length 50 mi (80 km)
GNIS ID 450631

The Anderson River is a 50.4-mile-long (81.1 km)[1] tributary of the Ohio River in southern Indiana in the United States.[2] Via the Ohio, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.

The Anderson rises in western Crawford County in the Hoosier National Forest and flows generally southwardly through southeastern Dubois County and along the common boundary of Perry and Spencer counties, past the town of Saint Meinrad. It joins the Ohio River just downstream of the town of Troy.

Near its mouth it collects the Middle Fork Anderson River, which flows for its entire length in Perry County.

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