Anderson Valley Advertiser

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Anderson Valley Advertiser
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Independent
Publisher Bruce Anderson
Editor Bruce Anderson
Founded 1955
Headquarters Boonville, CA 95415
United States

The Anderson Valley Advertiser is a small weekly tabloid published in Anderson Valley, California. It was founded in 1955 as a local, community-based paper. The AVA's masthead features mottoes borrowed from the French Revolution and the Industrial Workers of the World:

Various quotations are distributed through every issue of the paper. Examples include:

Contributors include:

Bruce Anderson has owned and edited the Anderson Valley Advertiser since January 1984. He left the AVA, as the paper is known, in 2004 for Oregon where he tried to start another weekly. It failed and Anderson bought the AVA back in July 2007. The paper enjoys a modest national circulation. Its masthead bills it as "America's last newspaper." The paper is unique in that it is based in the rural community of Boonville, Mendocino County, California, but features much leftwing opinion wrapped around local sports, school board reports, profiles of local characters, and impressively detailed stories on local controversies-- although it doesn't always interview all parties involved in the incident that it is reporting (so it's more of a tabloid, than actual news). Anderson describes himself as "a socialist with strong, nay overwhelming, anarchist instincts."

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