Andeshwar Parshwanath

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Andeshwar Parshwanath Tirtha
Andeshwar Jain Temple.JPG
Parshwanath Pratima in Temple
Basic information
Location Kushalgarh, Banswara, Rajasthan, India
Affiliation Jainism
Deity Parshwanath
Festivals Kartik Poornima, Mahavir Jayanti
Date established 14th Century
Temple(s) 2

Shri Andeshwar Parshwanath Jain temple is situated in Rajasthan, and is located 40 km from Banswara. The tirth is located on a hillock in kushalgarh tehsil of Banswara district. From the nearest railway stations this place is 50 km from Udaygarh; 50 km north of Dahod; 15 km west to kushalgarh and 8 km east of Kalinzara. The tirth is on kushalgarh-kalizara road.

About Temple[edit]

Chief attraction of the temple is the mulnayak Parshwanath idol, which is believed to be of 12th or 13th century.[1] Black idol of lord Parshwanath is around 80 cm tall with seven hoods. It is believed to be discovered by tribes of that regions while cultivating the field. Every year on kartik purnima i.e. fifteenth lunar day of Hindi month kartik, a fair is organized which is visited by people from the neighboring towns and villages. The temple was constructed in 14th Century.[2] It was recently renovated. The manasthambh made by white colored marble is really attractive. A Kanch Mandir dedicated to Parshwantha was also constructed recently near the main temple.