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Andøya fra Nupen.jpg
View of the fjord from Nupen in Kvæfjord, looking northwest towards Andøya
Location Nordland/Troms counties, Norway
Coordinates 69°03′22″N 16°03′07″E / 69.0560°N 16.0519°E / 69.0560; 16.0519Coordinates: 69°03′22″N 16°03′07″E / 69.0560°N 16.0519°E / 69.0560; 16.0519
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 60 kilometres (37 mi)
Max. width 30 kilometres (19 mi)
Max. depth 517 metres (1,696 ft)

Andfjorden is a fjord on the border of Nordland and Troms counties in Norway. It primarily flows between the large islands of Andøya and Senja. Grytøya and the smaller islands Bjarkøya and Krøttøya are located in the fjord. The main crossing is via the Andenes–Gryllefjord Ferry between Andøy and Torsken municipalities.

The fjord is about 60 kilometres (37 mi) long, has a maximum width of 30 kilometres (19 mi), and has a maximum depth of 517 metres (1,696 ft) which makes it a rich feeding ground for Sperm whales and Killer whales. Whale safaris are run from Andenes and from Krøttøya. Several other fjords branch off the Andfjorden including the Kvæfjorden, Godfjorden, and the Vågsfjorden.[1]

At the tiny Steinavær islands in the Andfjorden, there is a large coral reef.

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