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For demon in Hindu mythology, see Andhaka.

Andhak, also known as Antall, Aundh or Anlak is a gotra of Jats found in Haryana, India.

History and origin[edit]

The Andhak Jats claim descent from the asura Andhaka. In Hindu mythology, Andhaka was the asura son of Shiva, and was created from a drop of his sweat. He was born blind. After birth, Andhaka was given to Hiranyaksha to be raised, as he had no sons. Later, Andhaka became the king of Hiranyaksha's kingdom.

According to Hindu mythology, Krishna formed a sangha or federation of Andhaka and Vrishnis people known as Gyati which changed to the Jat. When the terror of Jarasandha increased and he invaded Mathura with a vast army, then Krishna thought it well to depart to Dwaraka carrying all Yaduvanshis. The Andhak people also moved at that time to Dwaraka along with Vrishnis.