Andhra University College of Law

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Andhra University College of Law
Type State University
Established 1945
Principal Prof A. Subrahamanyam
Location Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Andhra University College of Law is one of the constituent colleges of Andhra University established in 1945.


The Law College was established in 1945. The College owes its genesis to the farsightedness and wisdom of Dr. C. R. Reddy, the founder Vice-Chancellor of this University.

The College was part of the Department of Arts, Commerce and Law College from the beginning, but has been reconstructed as a separate College of Law on April 14, 1989. As a mark of respect towards chief architect of the Constitution of India Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the College has been renamed as Andhra University, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar College of law with effect from May 10, 1991.


  • Prof. K.Gupteswar (14-04-1989 to 30-04-1990)
  • Prof. R.Jaganmohan Rao (01-05-1990 to 30-04-1993)
  • Prof. A.Lakshminath (01-05-1993 to 30-04-1996)
  • Prof. Dr.M.V.A. Naidu (01-05-1996 to 30-04-1999)
  • Prof. C.Rama Rao (01-05-1999 to 14-05-2002)
  • Prof. D.S.N.Somayajulu (15-05-2002 to 29-02-2004)
  • Prof. R.Venkata Rao (01-03-2004 to 28-02-2007)
  • Prof. Y.Satyanarayana (01-03-2007 to 17-09-2008)
  • Prof. A. Rajendra Prasad (18-09-2008 to present)


  • LLB (Three years)
  • LLM (Two Years)
  • Ph.D. (Full-Time - Two years)
  • Ph.D. (Part-Time - Three years)
  • LLB(five years)


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