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Andorran citizenship is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis.

Eligibility for Andorran citizenship[edit]

By descent[edit]

Children born to recognised parents who were Andorran citizens at the time of birth (regardless of the place of birth) are eligible for Andorran citizenship.

By birth[edit]

Children born in Andorra under any one of the following conditions are eligible for Andorran citizenship:

  • born to parents of whom either one (or both) was born in Andorra and was living permanently and principally in Andorra at the time of birth
  • born to non-Andorran parents who were living permanently and principally in Andorra for at least 10 years at the time of birth

By naturalisation[edit]

Those seeking to become Andorran citizens via naturalisation require to fulfill the following criteria:

  • renounces existing foreign citizenships
  • resided in Andorra permanently for at least ten years if the applicant has spent all of his mandatory education in Andorra or for at least 20 years if he/she can prove his/her integration into Andorran society

Loss of citizenship[edit]

If an Andorran citizen serves in the armed forces or government of another country or takes up a foreign citizenship, he/she automatically forfeits his/her Andorran citizenship.

Former Andorran citizens may restore their former citizenship if their request to the government is successful.

Dual nationality[edit]

Dual nationality is strictly forbidden by Andorran law.

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