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Arms of the Andrássy family
The palace of the Andrássy family in Tiszadob

Andrássy is the name of an aristocratic family of very ancient lineage that was prominent in Hungarian history.

The full family name is "Andrássy de Csíkszentkirály et Krasznahorka." "Csíkszentkirály" is a town in modern-day Romania now called Sâncrăieni, while Krásna Hôrka is a castle in Slovakia.

The present head of the family is Count Gyula Andrássy de Csik-Szent-Király & Kraszna-Horka (b. 1927), who with his family currently resides in Canada. He married as his first wife the former Renate Hiller (b. 1928) in 1958 with no issue. He married secondly in 1964 the former Lesley Trist (b. 1934). By his second wife he has one son, Mihály (b. 1967), and one daughter, Ilona (b. 1965). Count Gyula Andrássy is the son of the late Count Mihály Andrássy (1893–1990) and his late wife, née Countess Gabrielle Károlyi de Nagy-Károly (1899–1992). The paternal uncle of Count Gyula Andrássy was the late Count Imre Andrássy (1891-1985), who married firstly Edit Payer (without issue) and secondly in 1919 at Stockholm, Sweden, Stella Kuylenstierna (of Swedish Nobility, 1902-1998). By his second wife Count Imre Andrássy had one son, Imre Jr (unmarried, 1930-1984), and two daughters, Maria (Vivi) (1921-?), who married 1941 Count Pál Cziraky (1919-?), and Erzsébet (Bonzo) (1924-?), who married Aladár Olgyay (1910-?).



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