André Grobéty

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André Grobéty
Personal information
Full name André Grobéty
Date of birth (1933-06-22)June 22, 1933
Place of birth Switzerland
Date of death July 20, 2013(2013-07-20) (aged 80)
National team

André Grobéty (22 June 1933 in Geneva – 20 July 2013) was a Swiss footballer.[1]


During his career, Grobéty played at the club level for Servette FC and Lausanne Sports.

In the Swiss Cup final on 15 May 1967, in the former Wankdorf Stadium, Grobéty played for Lausanne, the opponents were Basel. Helmut Hauser scored the decisive goal via penalty. The game went down in football history due to the sit-down strike that followed this goal. After 88 minutes of play, with the score at 1–1, referee Karl Göppel awarded Basel a controversial penalty. (Grobéty had pushed Hauser gently in the back and he let himself drop theatrically.) Subsequent to the 2–1 lead for Basel the Lausanne players refused to resume the game and they sat down demonstratively on the pitch. The referee had to abandon the match. Basel were awarded the cup with a 3–0 forfait.[2]

Grobéty also earned 40 caps and scored 1 goal for the Switzerland national football team, and participated in the 1962 FIFA World Cup and the 1966 FIFA World Cup.


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