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André Kole (born Robert Gurtler Jr.; September 30, 1936) is an American magician and inventor of magical effects.[1] He is also a committed Christian and is a public speaker for the evangelical group Campus Crusade for Christ International.[2] He also is known for using his magical knowledge to debunk frauds and hoaxes.


Robert Gurtler was inspired to take up magic at the age of seven after seeing a performance by Moxo the Magician (Mark E. Barker). By the time he was 20, now known as André Kole, he was performing his Table of Death trick on the national network television show You Asked For It.[1]

Among the illusions Kole is credited with devising are the Squeeze Box illusion (licensed to builder John Gaughan), and the Head Mover illusion (as performed by David Copperfield, Tim Kole and Kirby Van Birch).[3]

He also uses his magical knowledge and skills to debunk frauds and hoaxes. He was reported in 2003 as offering US$1million to the Rev. Dr. Donald Stewart if Stewart could prove a statement made in the Jamaican newspaper the Jamaica Gleaner that Satan gives supernatural powers.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Kole's late wife, Alice Jean Gurtler, died at age 38 from brain cancer. She was known by the stage name, Aljeana.[5] He notes on his website that he does not perform the classic trick of pulling a rabbit from a hat because he is allergic to rabbits.[6] He is the father of illusionist Tim Kole.[7]

Notable awards[edit]

In 1955 he received the annual Al Sharpe Award for Originality in Presentation from the Texas Association of Magicians.[8]


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