André Oscar Wallenberg

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André Oscar Wallenberg (1816–1886)

André Oscar Wallenberg (19 November 1816, Linköping – 12 January 1886, Stockholm) was a Swedish naval officer, newspaper tycoon, banker, politician and a member of the Wallenberg family. In 1856 Wallenberg founded the Stockholms Enskilda Bank, the predecessor of today's Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken.

He was son of the bishop of Linköping, Marcus Wallenberg (1774–1833), and his wife Anna Laurentia Barfoth (1783–1862). He married firstly, in 1854, Catharina Wilhelmina Andersson (1826–1855), and secondly, in 1861, Anna Eleonora Charlotta von Sydow (1838–1910). He was the father of Knut Agathon Wallenberg, Gustaf Wallenberg, Oscar Wallenberg, Axel Wallenberg, Marcus Wallenberg, Sr. and Victor Wallenberg.

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