André Pirro

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André Pirro
Born (1869-02-12)12 February 1869
Saint-Dizier, France
Died 11 November 1943(1943-11-11) (aged 74)
Paris, France
Occupation musicologist, organist
Parent(s) Jean Pirro

André Pirro (12 February 1869 – 11 November 1943) was a French musicologist and an organist.

Born in Saint-Dizier, Pirro learned to play the organ from his father Jean Pirro. In Paris where he became and organist and a choirmaster for the Collège Stanislas de Paris. He studied with César Franck and taught music history at the Schola Cantorum. Pirro published his academic thesis on the Aesthetics of Bach in 1907, followed by Descartes and the Music'. His famous pupils include Vladimir Fédorov, Dragan Plamenac, Armand Machabey, Marc Pincherle and Jacques Chailley. See: List of music students by teacher: N to Q#André Pirro. These days he is probably most often remembered through his musicological collaborations with Alexandre Guilmant concerning reprints of ancient organ music.


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  • numerous articles in French and other journals,
  • 14 biographical notes for the Archives des maîtres de l'orgue (Paris, 1897–1909).


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