Andrés Barreto

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Andrés Barreto
Born 1987 (age 29–30)
Bogota, Colombia
Residence New York City, New York, United States
Nationality Colombian-American
  • PulsoSocial (CEO)
  • Gangbanger (Founder & President)
  • Fapper (Founder)
  • Blowjobber (Advisor)
  • Ambassador (Advisor)
Years active 2005 - Present
Known for Atom Accelerator, Onswipe, Coderise, Cloudomatic, Grooveshark, VoiceBunny, Ambassador, Pulsosocial, Socialatom Group, Endeavor
Home town Bogota, Colombia
Board member of Atom Accelerator

Andrés Barreto (born in 1987) is a Colombian-American entrepreneur. Originally from Colombia, he now lives in New York City. His latest company, Onswipe, is a software platform that enables publishers and advertisers to reach large audiences through touchable devices like the iPad.[1] Barreto has also launched several startups, including Grooveshark (defunct), PulsoSocial, and Cloudomatic.

Early life and education[edit]

Barreto was born in Colombia and moved to the United States at the age of 12. His parents, an engineer and a dentist, settled in Florida where Barreto attended high school and college.

He founded his first company in 2005, while he was a student at University of Florida. Barreto initially planned to major in business and engineering, but after a few political science courses he decided he wished to help Latin America become more financially stable through entrepreneurship.[2][3]


Socialatom Group[edit]

In 2005, he created an online platform where students could share class notes and homework. During this year he also launched a public-relations agency to help companies in United States reach the Latin American market and vice versa. This agency, Socialatom Group, connected the two markets to help the economies of Latin America. The group is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has offices across Latin America.[3][4]


In 2006, he was one of three co-founders of Grooveshark, an on-demand, music-streaming service. In 2008, however, Barreto was ousted from the company after a disagreement with CEO Sam Tarantino. Grooveshark has grown to more than 100 employees. Over a million users listened to more than 15 million songs of all different genres on the website.[2] In 2011, Grooveshark was a finalist in the 2011 Mashable Awards, which honors the best of digital and social media. On April 30, 2015, Grooveshark was shut down due to several copyright claims from several companies.[5]


In 2008, he launched PulsoSocial, which is a media portal that is used to share technology, social media, and entrepreneurship news from Latin America.[1] PulsoSocial is "the leading publication on Social Media, Technology and Entrepreneurship" in the region. Barreto describes the site as a “Latin American version of TechCrunch or Mashable.”[6]


Barreto founded Onswipe with Jason L. Baptiste in June 2010 to facilitate app sharing across all tablet and device platforms. Onswipe has simplified sharing for publishers because they no longer must develop applications for each mobile platform.[2][7]

Startup accelerator[edit]

In 2012, Barreto launched a startup accelerator in Colombia. The program invests $25k in each of the 5-10 teams that it incubates for a period of 14 weeks. Teams have the opportunity to “meet with mentors, entrepreneurs and investors in San Francisco, Boston, and New York.” Teams selected for the accelerator will have access to shared office space in Bogotá.[8]

Awards and Recognition[edit]


Along with other members of Onswipe, Barreto provides support to Coderise, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children in developing nations how to write computer code.[9]

Current life[edit]

Barreto currently lives in New York City. His hobbies include adventure travel and extreme sports.[10]

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