Andrés Garcia de Quiñones

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Andrés García de Quiñones
Salamanca - Clerecia 03.jpg
Towers and dome
Born Andrés García de Quiñones
Died 1784
Nationality Spanish
Known for Architecture
Movement Baroque

Andrés Garcia de Quiñones (1709–1784) was a Spanish architect of the Baroque period, active in Salamanca.


In Salamanca

  • Finished the Main square and built the city hall.
  • Jesuit seminary of La Clerecia, now the Pontificia university, including:
    • The Towers and the bell-gable.
    • Patio de los estudios (cloister)
    • Main staircase and the school´s Great Hall (Theological Hall).
    • Retables of the Visitation and of St. James.

In Betanzos: The General archive of Galicia. Once finished the building was used as a barracks and is now the town hall.


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