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Andrés Pascal Allende (born 1943) is a Chilean Marxist dissident and nephew of former President Salvador Allende. He is of Basque[1] and Belgian descent.

He was born in Santiago, the son of Gastón Pascal Lyon and of Laura Allende. He is the co-founder and former leader of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) (Spanish Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria) along with Miguel Enríquez. After the Chilean coup of 1973, and upon original leader Miguel Enriquez's death in 1974, Andres Pascal Allende took control of the MIR. Pascal's leadership stint ended relatively quickly when he fled Chile in 1976 for Cuba.

In March 1976, Orlando Bosch was arrested by Costa Rican police on suspicion of trying to assassinate Pascal and his companion Mary-Anne Beausire.[2] Pascal currently resides in Havana and works for the official tourist agency.

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