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Andrés Piquer statue

Andrés Piquer (1711–1772) was a Spanish physician, philosopher, logician and writer.

Profile of his work[edit]

He wrote in Latin and Castilian. As philosopher and physician tended to eclecticism and reached a compromise between the clubbing and experimental medicine. He knew perfectly Scholastica but he also seduced foreign developments of Enlightenment and was out as one of the leading exponents of Novatores in early Spanish Enlightenment. Translated into Castilian three-volume work of Hippocrates with the Greek text and Latin version ( 1757–1770 ). Moreover, the rational and experimental modern physics (1745) is the first book on the subject published in Spanish. He also wrote a method of logic, Modern Logic (1747). He spent a militant mechanism antisystemic some ideas. As a reward for the many years of service to the king and at the request of Andrew Piquer, the monarch funded in his hometown, Fórnoles, the construction of the church with the highest tower in the whole province.


  • Vetus et nova Medicine (1735)
  • Fevers Treaty (1751)
  • Modern Logic (1747)
  • Moral Philosophy for Spanish youth (1755)
  • Piquer, Andrew ( 1745 ). RATIONAL AND EXPERIMENTAL modern physics. Editorial Maxtor.España. ISBN 84-95636-10-7 (Ed. Facsimile). [1] .


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