Andrés de Orbe y Larreategui

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Andrés de Orbe y Larreategui

Andrés de Orbe y Larreategui was the Grand Inquisitor of Spain in 1733–1740, during the reign of Philip V of Spain. Afterwards, he held the nunciature in Spain as a representative of the Roman Catholic Popes.

In Philip V promoted de Orbe as Viscount of Santa Cruz in 1733 and as Marquis of Valdespina in 1736. de Orbe also built for his nephew, also Don Andrés, the Palacio de Valdespina in Ermua, being used today as the Town Hall of this Basque town.

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Juan de Camargo y Angulo
Grand Inquisitor of Spain
Succeeded by
Manuel Isidro Orozco Manrique de Lara