Andra långgatan

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Andra långgatan in May 2011.

Andra långgatan (Second Long Street) is a street in Gothenburg, Sweden. It starts west of Haga at Järntorget and ends at Masthuggstorget. The street is renowned for its many restaurants, bars, galleries and record shops. Although the street has a dodgy past its reputation has now been redeemed. It is now a "magnet for creative types" according to Lonely planet. The tourists have yet to find this street but alternative Gothenburgians love the street for its "authenticity". It doesn't house any major commercial corporations such as Mcdonald's or H&M but more smaller venues.

Once every year (since 2007) andra långgatan houses a street party. On this day, the shop owners and restaurants bring their products to the outside, local commerce takes place and music is filling the streets. The event is not advertised and the date is spread through social media and word of mouth.


Coordinates: 57°41′56.30″N 11°56′48.00″E / 57.6989722°N 11.9466667°E / 57.6989722; 11.9466667