Andre Anderson

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Not to be confused with André Anderson or André Andersen.
Andre Anderson
Real name Fred Roesenilern
Rated at Heavyweight
Nationality United States Of America
Born 1890
Chicago, Illinois
Died April 1, 1926(1926-04-01)
Stance South Paw Right Handed
Boxing record
Total fights 45
Wins 17
Wins by KO 14
Losses 19
Draws 9
No contests 0

Andre Anderson (1890 in Chicago, Illinois – April 1, 1926) was an American boxer from 1915 until his death in 1926. He was best known for knocking down and drawing the World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey on 24 June 1916 in a match held in the Bronx, New York.

It was alleged that Anderson would take dives for organized crime gamblers, which led to his shooting death, reportedly after refusing to partake in further bribes.

Hemingway connection[edit]

Because of proximity (Chicago), profession and death at the hands of the Mob, the young writer Ernest Hemingway was almost certainly aware of Anderson. Hemingway likely cast him as Andreson 'the Swede' in his short stories 'A Matter of Colour' and 'The Killers'.[1][2]


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