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André Vltchek
NationalityUnited States
OccupationJournalist, Writer, Filmmaker

André Vltchek is a USSR-born American political analyst, journalist, and a filmmaker.[1][2] Vltchek was born in Leningrad but later became a naturalized U.S. citizen.[3] He has lived in the US, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Samoa and Indonesia.[2]

He has covered armed conflicts in Peru,[4] Kashmir, Mexico, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Congo, India, South Africa, East Timor, Indonesia, Turkey and the Middle East.[1][2][5][6] He has traveled to more than 140 countries,[3][5] and has written articles for Der Spiegel, Asahi Shimbun, The Guardian, ABC News and Lidové noviny.[2][6] Since 2004, Vltchek has served as a Senior Fellow at the Oakland Institute.[6][7]

He has appeared on various television and radio shows including those on France 24,[1] RT,[8] China Radio International,[9][10] The Voice of Russia,[11] Press TV,[12] CCTV, Ulusal Kanal (Turkey), Al-Mayadeen (Pan-Arabic network), Radio Pacifika, Radio Cape, among others. Vltchek has been interviewed by publications including People's Daily,[13] China Daily[5] and Tehran Times.[3]

Commenting on Vltchek's book Oceania, published in 2010, US linguist Noam Chomsky said that it evoked "the reality of the contemporary world" and that "He has also not failed to trace the painful - and particularly for the West, shameful realities to their historical roots".[5]


André Vltchek (pronounced "vultcek") was born in St. Petersburg [Leningrad] the Soviet Union, in 1962. His father was a Czech nuclear physicist and his mother a Russo-Chinese painter.[14] He was raised in Central Europe. He is currently based in Asia and Africa.


Non-fiction and investigative journalism[edit]

Vltchek is the author of several non-fiction titles that center on Western imperialism and Western expansionism.

  • China and Ecological Civilization: John B. Cobb, Jr. in conversation with Andre Vltchek (2019). PT Badak Merah Semesta, 180 pp. ISBN 978-6025095450
  • Por Lula (Portuguese Edition) (2018). PT Badak Merah Semesta, 274 pp. ISBN 978-6025095429
  • Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nilhilism (2018). PT Badak Merah Semesta, 286 pp. ISBN 978-6025095412
  • The Great October Socialist Revolution: Impact on the World and the Birth of Internationalism (2017). PT Badak Merah Semesta, 100 pp. ISBN 978-6027354395
  • Exposing Lies of the Empire (2015). PT Badak Merah Semesta, 822 pp. ISBN 978-6027005860
  • Fighting Against Western Imperialism (2014). PT Badak Merah Semesta, 164 pp. ISBN 978-6027005822, about the rise of Western imperialism
  • On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare (2013). (with Noam Chomsky). Pluto Press, 200 pp. ISBN 978-0745333878, a discussion on western power and propaganda with Noam Chomsky
  • Oceania: Neocolonialism, Nukes and Bones (2013). Atuanui Press, 258 pp. ISBN 978-0992245337, an in-depth analysis of the entire Pacific region and its "destruction" by traditional and neo-colonial powers
  • Indonesia, Archipelago of Fear (2012). Pluto Press. 288 pp. ISBN 9780745331997, about post-1965 Indonesia, a collapsed state
  • Exile: Conversations with Pramoedya Ananta (2006). (with Rosie Indira and Nagesh Rao). Haymarket Books. 166 pp. ISBN 1-931859-28-0, conversations with the Southeast Asian writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer
  • Western Terror: From Potosi to Baghdad (2006). Mainstay Press. 304 pp. ISBN 0-9774590-3-9
  • ""North Korea, a Land of Human Achievement, Love and Joy (2013). [1]


Vltchek is the author of several fictional novels and plays.

  • "Aurora" (1st Edition, 2016), Badak Merah Semesta, 200 p. ISBN 978-6027354364
  • Point of No Return (2nd Edition, 2013). Mainstay Press, 364 p. ISBN 978-0977459070
  • Liberation Lit (2010). (with Toni Christini). Mainstay Press. 822 p. ISBN 0-9774590-6-3
  • Ghosts of Valparaiso and Conversations with James
  • Nalezený, a novel published in Czech


In 2004 he produced and directed a documentary film about the Indonesian massacres in 1965 – Terlena – Breaking of The Nation.[15] [2] [16] Right after a devastating earthquake that shook Chile in February 2010, Vltchek travelled to Chile and produced a documentary titled Chile Between Two Earthquakes.[17]

For UNESCO Vltchek wrote and directed a film Tumaini about social collapse and devastation caused by HIV pandemic in communities around Lake Victoria in Kenya.[18] In 2012, he wrote and directed the documentary One Flew Over Dadaab to depict the 20-year long tragedy of Somali refugees in the largest refugee camps in the world (Dadaab, in Northern Kenya).[19][20][21]

In 2015, he produced and directed documentary film 'Rwanda Gambit' [22] and broadcast by Press TV. It aims at reversing official narrative on 1994 Rwandan genocide, exposing the Rwandan and Ugandan plunder of DR Congo on behalf of Western imperialism.

In March 2019, he was the keynote speaker for the "No to NATO and War — Yes to Peace and Progress" meeting and rally, held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.[23]; and interviewed on Regina Community Radio.[24]

Vltchek is also working on a 1,000-page novel called Winter Journey that describes the state of the world through the eyes of a "disgruntled globalized left-wing intellectual" with "stories of the countless slaughters and genocides performed by the ‘Western Democracies’ after WWII, ... (killing more than) ... 45 million".[25]


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