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The Andre Walker Hair Typing System is classification system for hair types created in the 1990s by Oprah Winfrey's stylist Andre Walker.[1][2][3] It was originally created to market Walker's line of hair care products but has since been widely adopted as a hair type classification system. The system includes images of each hair type to aid classification. The system has been criticised for an apparent hierarchy which values caucasian hair over other hair types. In 2018 the system was the subject of episodes of the podcasts 99% Invisible and The Stoop.[2][4][5]


The system is split into four types with subtypes labeled A, B and C for some of the types, the system has added new subtypes since its original version to Type 1.[6][2]

Number Hair type A B C
Type 1 Straight hair thin and fine a mixture of thin and coarse hair coarse
Type 2 Wavy hair undefined and lacks volume more definition coarse with a lot of volume
Type 3 Curly hair a loopy "S" pattern smaller curl pattern, more coarse -
Type 4 Kinky hair tightly coiled and has a tight "S" patterned curl "Z" shaped pattern with less of a defined curl -

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