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Background information
Birth name Teodora Rumenova Andreeva
Born (1987-01-23) January 23, 1987 (age 29)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Genres Pop-folk, pop, dance, house
Occupation(s) Singer, actress
Years active 2006–present
2006-2008 as Andrea
2008–2012 with Sahara
2012-present as Andrea
Labels Roton, Cat Music, Payner, Doctor Music, Yellow Productions, Warner Music, Simply Delicious Music
Associated acts Costi Ionita (Sahara), Bob Sinclar, Shaggy, Mario Winans, Geo Da Silva, Buppy, Serdar Ortac, Azis, Cvija, MC Yankoo, Edward Maya , Otilia

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Teodora Rumenova Andreeva (born January 23, 1987), best known by her stage name Andrea (Cyrillic: Андреа), is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer.[1] She and the Romanian singer Costi Ionita performed together and released music as Sahara.[2] In 2013 BBC News described her as a "pop-folk superstar".[3]


Teodora Andreeva (a.k.a. Andrea) is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer. Born in Sofia to a musical family, she took music lessons at an early age from her aunt who was an opera singer in the Vraca Opera. During her teenage years she won a many beauty awards (Miss Sofia, Miss Tourism Bulgaria).

After graduating high school, she was signed with Bulgarian music agencies, Payner Music, and began her career.

In 2008 Andrea met Costi Ionita and together they produced their first balkan hit "Само Мой". During the next year they joined forces and introduced themselves as an international duo creating Sahara. Their next hit song (Tyalee) was released in 2009 and featured the artist Lenox Brown. The song was released worldwide and known abroad by the name "Tyalee", Избирам Теб in Bulgaria. The English version of the song was produced by Cat Music and soon after Serdar Ortac made a Turkish version with the band Sahara.

Sahara released another single called "Bellezza" with Buppy and Geo deSilva.

"Bellezza" (Моята Порода) was released in Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and France.

Sahara presented their English songs on every National Romanian TV stations - Kanal D, Pro TV, Antena 1.

In 2010 Andrea released "Неблагодарен" and "Хайде опа".

Sahara (Andrea and Costi) went to Miami to begin a new project - "I wanna", where they perform with Bob Sinclar and Shaggy. The song was distributed by Yellow Production and Ministry of Sound Australia.

"I Wanna", from its release in 2010, reached over 50 countries from Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa and Australia, like: France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Monaco, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania, Portugal, Brazil, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Romania and South Africa. It reached no.6 on Fun Radio Belgium, no. 5 on Number 1 FM Top 40 Turkey and no.1 on Top 50 Radio 21 Romania.

The next song on Sahara is called "Mine" where they perform with Mario Winans which is later distributed by Warner Music Denmark.

"Mine" was released on Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania. It entered directly on no.5 on Dance Fifty in Denmark and it stayed there for several weeks.

She was a TV show host for 3 months on UTV Romania. Andrea's international projects always make it to discos, clubs and bars in the world.

Invitations from the "Turkiye Muzik Oduller" were also presented to Andrea and Costi where they met Turkish music high life.

The next project she accomplished was called "Champagne" where she features Shaggy again. The track quickly became a hit. In Spain, Russia and England. "I wanna" and "Champagne" become the most requested songs on fashion parties and on catwalks of Fashion TV.

"Champagne" a song distributed in over 20 countries from Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa and Australia, reaching the most important tops in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Belgium, France, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Monaco, UK, Italy and South Africa. The song became the anthem of FTV parties in the year 2011 and it was played at the most important FTV parties worldwide. SAHARA had 2 concerts alongside Shaggy, where they performed the song CHAMPAGNE : the first one was in Club "Carre", in Belgium and the second one was in New York. CHAMPAGNE entered Radios tops like 1Dance.FM (USA), 100 Top FM (Israel), No.2 on Radio Vyzion (Turkey), Gotradio USA, Fun Radio Belgium, i93 USA, no.6 on VJ Pro Series Playlist, no.2 on Ultra Top Radio Belgium, Champagne Radio France, Radio 21 (Romania), Radio PRO FM (Romania), Radio KISS FM (Romania), Hit Parade Switzerland, but also MTV Russia and MTV Spain.

Right after that Andrea and Costi rock with another song called "I wonder why" which was released in Poland, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Venezuela, Bulgaria and Romania.

In May 2012 she joined the biggest music company in Romania - Roton Music where she released her duet with Gabriel Davi "Only You" and her own solo track "Hayati" produced by Adrian Sina (Akcent).

Andrea made the cover of the Italian fashion magazine - "Donna Salon International".

In 2013 Andrea recorded a few songs in Serbian.

In April the British media "The Guardian" defined Andrea as the most worthy candidate for Eurovision Song Contest and says that she was the only one who manages to incorporate Turkish and Romanian rhythm in her music.

In 2014 Andrea released her song with Alek Sandar "Peaceful Place". CNN also mentioned Andrea's duet with Alek Sandar on Planeta TV Awards.

In February Andrea released her new song with Costi - "Chupa Song". And together they promote the single on various TV and radio stations in Romania and release worldwide.

Andrea performed on her concerts in Belgium, New York, Istanbul, Cyprus, Amsterdam etc. Andrea's international projects always make it to discos, clubs and bars.

During the years she has wons over 30 awards like "Balkan Star" on "Beogradski Pobednik" in Belgrade, "European Performer of the Year on "Kralevski Festival" in Kralevo Serbia, "Balkan Star" on "Montefolk Awards" in Montenegro.


Covers of Andrea's songs[edit]

Name of original Singer of original Year of original Language of original Name of cover Singer of cover Year of cover Language of cover
Като непознат Herself 2006 Bulgarian Pucaj Pravo U Srce Dragana Mirkovic 2013 Serbian
Bulgarian Gjarper Xheki 2013 Albanian
Само мой 2008 Bulgarian Najbolja Lana Broz 2009 Greek
Bulgarian Leei Leei Leei Antzi Karezi 2012 Greek
Bulgarian Motek Peer Tasi 2012 Ivrit
Bulgarian Muvanje Ana Nikolic 2012 Serbian
Дай ми всичко 2009 Bulgarian Gljiva ludara Djogani 2010 Serbian
Tyalee, Избирам теб 2009 Bulgarian, English Sanirim Serdar Ortac 2010 Turkish
Bellezza, Моята порода 2009 Bulgarian, Italian Yildiz Serdar Ortac 2011 Turkish
Излъжи ме 2009 Bulgarian Microp Serdar Ortac 2010 Turkish
2009 Bulgarian Ti Fantazon Bebeta Shahini 2010 Albanian
2010 Bulgarian Piće za drugare Anabela Atijas 2011 Serbian
Любовник Bulgarian 24 Saat Nazli Hamarat 2011 Turkish
Хайде опа Bulgarian Idealan spoj Tanja Popović 2011 Serbian
Bulgarian Prvi Grijeh Ajdin Jusufbasic 2011 Bosnian
Bulgarian Hajde opa Nikol Bulat 2011 Croatian
Bulgarian ליאור עקיבא אלהופה Lior Akiva 2011 Hebrew
Bulgarian Pali Mali Blondie G 2011 Serbian
Bulgarian Ekstreme Vida Kunora 2011 Albanian
Bulgarian Tango Milica Pavlović 2012 Serbian
Неблагодарен Bulgarian Zelja mi da ti rodim sina Suzana Bogdanovic 2011 Serbian
Bulgarian Tau Tau Sezim Berkut I Aisha 2012 Uzbek
Bulgarian Kel Kel Farruh Komilov 2012 Turkish
Bulgarian Mazo mila Ameli 2012 Serbian
Bulgarian Devojka tvog druga Sandra Afrika 2013 Serbian
Употребена Bulgarian Idemo na sve Ana Kokić 2012 Serbian
Докрай 2011 Bulgarian Sagapo Christi Dules 2012 Romanian
Искам теб Bulgarian Бари жаксы Berkut I Aisha 2014 Uzbek
На екс Andrea feat. Kristali 2012 Bulgarian Na eks Davor Badrov 2013 Bosnian
Пробвай се Andrea feat. Azis Bulgarian Shoqe na dy shok Valton ft. Duli 2012 Albanian


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International Singles[edit]

Single Year Album
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Buppy)
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Geo Da Silva)
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Bob Sinclar & Shaggy)
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Mario Winans)
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Shaggy)
(Andrea featuring Costi)
(Andrea featuring Gabriel Davi)
(Andrea featuring Alek Sandar)
(Andrea featuring Costi)
(Andrea featuring Ronny Dae and Beny Blaze)
(Andrea featuring Edward Maya)
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Otilia and Shaggy)


Year Title Peak position Certifications Album
Bulgaria Australia Canada France Germany Italy Romania Spain United Kingdom United States
2012 "Only You"

(Andrea featuring Gabriel Davi)

2013 "Hayati"
2014 "Chupa Song"

(Andrea featuring Costi)

2015 "Passion"

(Andrea and Otilia featuring Shaggy, Costi)

2016 "Love Is Mine"

Balkanic Singles[edit]

Single Year Album
"Като Непознат" 2006 Огън в кръвта
"Не съм такава" 2006 Огън в кръвта
"Хладна нежност" 2007 Огън в кръвта
"Без теб" 2007 Огън в кръвта
"Красива лъжа" 2007 Огън в кръвта
"Страх" 2008 Огън в кръвта
"Фалшиво щастие" 2008 Огън в кръвта
"Няма те" 2008 Огън в кръвта
"Нямам причина" 2008 Мен си търсил
"Само мой"
(Andrea & Costi)
2008 Мен си търсил
"Най-велик 2008 Мен си търсил

"Дай ми всичко" 2008 Мен си търсил
"Избирам теб"
(Andrea featuring Costi & Buppy)
2009 Мен си търсил
"Мен си търсил" 2009 Мен си търсил
"Употребена" 2009 Мен си търсил
"Моята порода"
(Andrea featuring Geo Da Silva)
2009 Мен си търсил
"Излъжи ме" 2009 Andrea 2010
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Serdar Ortac)
2010 ---
"С теб да бъдем пак" 2010 Andrea 2010
"Неблагодарен" 2010 Andrea 2010
"Блясък на кристали"
(Andrea & Galena)
2010 Andrea 2010
"Хайде опа" 2010 Andrea 2010
"Не ги прави тия работи" 2010 Andrea 2010
"Късай етикета" 2010 Andrea 2010
(Andrea & Costi (SAHARA) featuring Serdar Ortac)
2011 ---
"На екс"
(Andrea featuring ork. Kristali)
2011 Лоша
"Докрай" 2011 Лоша
"Предай се"
(Andrea featuring Boris Soltariyski)
2011 Лоша
(Andrea & Boris Dali)
2011 Лоша
"Лоша" 2012 Лоша
"Пробвай се"
(Andrea & Azis)
2012 ---
"Искам, искам" 2012 ---
"Лош герой" 2013 ---
(Cvija featuring Andrea)
2013 ---
"Без окови"
(Honn Kong featuring Andrea)
2013 ---
"Никой друг" 2013 ---
"Няма да съм аз" 2013 ---
(MC Yankoo featuring Andrea)
2013 ---
"Пий едно от мене"
(Andrea & Dzhena)
2013 ---
"НАЙ - ДОБРАТА" 2014 ---
"Искам нещо от теб"
(Andrea featuring Dzhordan)
2014 ---
"Секс за ден"
(Andrea featuring Fiki)
2015 ---
"Полудей" 2015 ---

YouTube views[edit]

Song Year Views on YouTube update 27.02.2016
Най-велик 2008 6 460 525
Дай ми всичко 2008 1 791 022
Tyalee R&B version 2009 4 587 752
Tyalee club version 2009 2 914 268
Употребена 2009 33 713 949
Bellezza 2009 5 612 849
Излъжи ме 2009 10 217 688
С теб да бъдем пак 2010 2 666 632
I wanna 2010 3 874 359
Неблагодарен 2010 7 823 717
Mine 2010 1 886 476
Хайде опа 2010 22 780 529
Не ги прави тия работи 2010 1 995 449
Champagne 2011 3 713 480
Champagne Balkan Remix 2011 1 945 767
I wonder why 2011 2 417 633
Пробвай се 2012 610 351
Pozovi me 2013 7 240 149
Никой друг 2013 3 022 645
Няма да съм аз 2013 405 750
Zvuk 2013 11 196 118
Пий едно от мен 2013 409 626
Най-добрата 2014 1 245 252
Искам нещо от теб 2014 356 084
Chupa Song (Chupacabra) 2014 1 718 011
Universal Love 2015 1 829 803
Секс за ден 2015 3 202 160
Passion 2015 5 820 257
Полудей 2015 4 844 031


Planeta TV Awards / BULGARIA[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2008 "Само мой" Duet of the Year Won
2009 Andrea Most Progressive Performer Won
2010 "Andrea 2010" Album of the year Won
Andrea Success on worldwide stage Won
2011 "Едно" Duet of the Year Won
"Предай се" Artistic presence in a video Won
2012 "Пробвай се" Disco hit of the Year Won
Andrea Original performance on stage Won
2013 Andrea Ambassador of Bulgarian music abroad Won
"Няма да съм аз" Disco hit of the Year Won

"Nov Folk" Magazine Awards / Bulgaria[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2008 Andrea & Costi Vocal Formation of the Year Won
"Само мой" Duet of the Year Won
2009 Andrea Success abroad Won
Singer with most hits Won
2010 Andrea Success abroad Won
Original stage performance Won
Singer with most hits Won
2011 "Докрай" Summer hit Won
"Едно" Duet Cover of the year Won
Andrea Success abroad Won

Radio Romantica Awards / Bulgaria[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2008 Andrea Most progressive performer Won
2009 Fan favourite Won
2010 "Andrea 2010" Love album of the year Won
2011 "Искам теб" Love disco hit Won / Bulgaria[edit]





2011 "Докрай" Video of the Year Won / Bulgaria[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2012 "Пробвай се" Hit of the Year Won
"Лоша" Video of the year Won / Croatia[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2011 Andrea Most Popular Balkan Star Won

"Montefolk Awards" / Montenegro[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2012 Andrea Most Popular Balkan Star Won

Ladies Awards Beauty & Success / Bulgaria[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2012 Andrea Most Successful Singer Won

Kralevski Music Festival - Kralevo / Serbia[edit]





2013 Andrea European Performer of the Year Won

"Beogradski Pobednik Awards" - Belgrade / Serbia[edit]





2013 Andrea Balkan Star Won

Fashion Awards / Bulgaria[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2002 Andrea "Miss Sofia 2002" Won
2005 Andrea "Supermodel of the Year Fan Favourite” Won
2005 Andrea „Supermodel of the Year Vodka Flirt” Won
2005 Andrea "Miss Tourism Bulgaria 2005" Won

Big Apple Music Awards / Germany[edit]

Year Receiver Award Result
2015 Andrea Best female Artist of Bulgaria Won



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