Andrea Bajani

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Andrea Bajani
Andrea Bajani 2009 x Wiki.jpg
Andrea Bajani. 2009
Born (1975-08-16) August 16, 1975 (age 41)
Rome, Italy
Occupation novelist, Journalist
Language Italian
Nationality Italian
Period 2000-present
Genre Literary realism
Subject Italian working people
Notable awards Mondello Prize, Brancati Prize, Bagutta Prize

Andrea Bajani (born August 16, 1975 in Rome) is an Italian writer and journalist . Bajani won the Mondello Prize (ex aequo with Antonio Scurati, Flavio Soriga and Luca Giachi) in 2008 for his novel Se consideri le colpe (If you consider the faults), written in 2007; in 2008 he has also won the Brancati Prize—with Massimo Onofri and Franco Loi. In March 2011 it was announced that Bajani had won the 2011 Bagutta Prize for his novel Ogni Promessa (to be published in English as Every Promise by MacLehose Press).[1]


Bajani was born in Rome. While he was still very young, the family moved to Cuneo, later to Piemont, and then to Turin, where he presently resides. In 2002 Bajani published his first novel, Morto un papa (A Pope is Dead), and in 2003 his second novel, Qui non ci sono perdenti (There aren't losers here). His third novel, Cordiali Saluti (Cordial Waves), written in 2005, was a success, so he started to write novels based on the lives of average Italian workers. In 2006 he wrote a reportage called Mi spezzo ma non m’impiego (I break, but I don't bend) – an Italian workers' motto – about the uncertainties facing Italian workers. It was published by Einaudi.[2]


Se consideri le colpe[edit]

In a January 2009 speech at the Dante Alighiere High School (on Ennio Quirinio Visconti Street in Rome), Bajani told the students that he began contemplating his most famous novel (Se consideri le colpe) when he visited Ancona. He said the title was inspired by a phrase from the book of Psalms in the Bible. Lorenzo, the tale protagonist, goes to Bucarest for his mother's funeral; during this time, he tries to understand how his mother had lived in Bucarest - where she went with her lover after having left him and her second husband - and he tries to forgive her, without considering the faults. Bajani wrote this novel between Genoa, where he went for holiday, and Bucarest. He has won the Mondello Prize, the Recanati Prize and also the Brancati Prize for it in 2008; during the award ceremony an Italian literary critic said that the novel appeared to have been written by a female author, due to its humanity and sensitivity.

Domani niente scuola[edit]

In 2008 Bajani published Domani niente scuola (Tomorrow no school), a tale of Italian students on a field trip.[3] In a December 2008 symposium at Dante Lyceum, Bajani stated that he traveled to Prague and Paris with three high school classes to understand "how really the students are nowadays". "It was really funny", he concluded.

Lidia Ravera, another participant in the symposium, said of the novel:

There is a chasm between my generation and the new generation, but the youthful protest is even alive and dangerous for the powers that be".[4]

  • Morto un papa (Dead a Pope)(Portofranco, 2002)
  • Qui non ci sono perdenti (There aren't losers here)(PeQuod, 2003)
  • Cordiali saluti (Cordial Waves)(Einaudi, 2005)
  • Mi spezzo ma non m'impiego (I break, but I don't bend)(Einaudi, 2006)
  • Se consideri le colpe (If you consider the faults)(Einaudi, 2007)
  • Domani niente scuola (Tomorrow no school)(Einaudi, 2008)
  • Ogni Promessa (Every Promise)(Einaudi, 2010)



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Premio Mondello, Mondello Super Prize 2008
Brancati Prize 2008
Recanati Prize 2008
The Stranger Award 2008
Bagutta Prize 2011


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