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Andrea Brady (born 1974[1] in Philadelphia) is an American poet and lecturer at Queen Mary. She studied at Columbia University and the University of Cambridge[2] Her academic work focuses on contemporary poetry and the early modern period.[3] She is the curator of the Archive of the Now[4] and the co-editor (with Keston Sutherland) of Barque Press.[3]



  • Vacation of a Lifetime (Cambridge: Salt, 2001).
  • Embrace (Glasgow: Object Permanence, 2005).
  • Wildfire: A Verse Essay (San Francisco: Krupskaya, 2010).
  • Mutability: Scripts for Infancy (Seagull Books, 2013)
  • Cut from the Rushes (Hastings: Reality Street, 2013).
  • Dompteuse (Toronto: Bookthug, 2014).


  • English Funerary Elegy in the Seventeenth Century: Laws in Mourning (2006) ISBN 140394105X
  • The Uses of the Future in Early Modern Europe, co-ed. with Emily Butterworth (2009) ISBN 041599540X


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