Andrea Giordana

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Andrea Giordana
Born 27 March 1946 (age 68)
Rome, Italy
Other names Burt Nelson, Chip Corman
Occupation actor, singer
Years active 1957–present

Andrea Giordana (born 27 March 1946) is an Italian actor and singer. He has appeared[1] more than 14 films, 29 television and 35 theater shows since mostly late 1950s.


Born in Rome, Italy to film director Claudio Gora and actress Marina Berti. Giordana is a brother of Marina Giordana, Luca Giordana, Carlo Giordana and Cristina Giordana. He began acting as a child, appeared 1957 film Erode il grande (Herod the Great) at the age of 11 as small Daniel and also made his television debut The Count of Monte Christo (il conte di Montecristo) playing his major role as Edmond Dantes in 1966. Then he starred in 1971 miniseries Aeneid (l'Eneide) as Turnus and Quaranta giorni di libertà (Forty Days of Freedom), another successful drama directed by Leandro Castellani. In 1976 he played the role as Colonel Sir William Fitzgerald in German-Italian television series Sandokan – Der Tiger von Malaysia and among the films Giordana appeared in 1967 film È stato bello amarti was recently directed by Adimaro Sala and screenplay by Vincenzo Cerami.

He also had several recordings, including 1966 album "Dies Irae" with band I Samurai which he declaims the acting in 1969 the 45 Ecstasy with strong references to eroticism was written by Elvio Monti and Armando Stula, Meanwhile he performed along with actress Marisa Solinas and in 1971 Ti prego...non-scherzare con me! (Please do mess with me) was written by Nico Fidenco. From 1966 to 1973 he was also starred in several soap operas for the magazine Sogno. Among its partners in soap operas are Patty Pravo, Laura Efrikian, Lorella De Luca, Susanna Martinková and Rosalba Grottesi. In 1983 he introduced Sanremo Music Festival was supported by Isabel Russinova. He then co-presented with Hong Kong-born French singer Amanda Lear in W le donne, a variety of Rete 4 aired the season 1984–1985.

On 20 July 1995 he co-presented with Myriam Fecchi on the television show "Tribute to Mia Martini" organized by artistic director Ruggero Pegna, broadcast by Rai 2.

In 2007 he co-starred in the television series of Rai 1's War and Peace as Count Rostov was directed by Robert Dornhelm.[2] His pseudonym was known as Chip Corman or Burt Nelson.

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