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Andrea Nebel (born Andrea Meyer), known under her artist name of Nebelhexë, is a German recording artist, writer, actress and model.

Music career[edit]

The artist describes her songs as meditative and haunting with style influences ranging from Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush to The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. Her style could be described as New Age with definite crossover appeal to a non-incense burning crowd.

Since 2003 she has released all her music under her artist name of Nebelhexë. She also writes film scripts, both horror and satire. She plans to make a movie called "The Neighbour". She has asked actor Cam Gigandet to co-star in the film. She met him through actor Jackson Rathbone.[1]

Her song "Skindeep", from the album Dead Waters, was first chosen for the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, but was then denied due to the explicit dark lyrics. The song is about sex and vampirism [2]

Writings and music videos[edit]

A writer since 1995, her controversial writings, statements and comments have become quite acknowledged.[3] She has spoken out against what she saw as the inhibiting patriarchal religions that restrict people's inner nature. She is a pagan and has written a book about Germanic spirituality and mythology, The Ancients Fire of Midgard.[4] Many of her social-critical comments have been printed in alternative magazines and also in the biggest Norwegian tabloid papers and magazines. She also writes Gothic and surreal poetry.

She is releasing a spoken word CD to her new poem book "The Dark Side of Dreaming". She also works on her biography "Walking With The Night".[3]

Her gloomy videos bear a strong message, but are often misunderstood and the cause of great discussions.[5]

Her private life is very secluded. She has a daughter, Alva, with ex-husband Tomas Haugen with whom she maintains a close friendship. Andrea Haugen says on her Trivia page that she loves Sighthounds, Arabian horses and Oriental cats.[6]

She has domains both in Norway and the UK, where she resides and associates with several known actors.[7] Haugen sees her future in film, acting and film music, both horror and comedy.[8]



  • Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis, CD/PD 1995

Hagalaz' Runedance[edit]

  • When the Trees Were Silenced, 7“ 1996
  • The Winds That Sang of Midgard’s Fate, CD 1998
  • Urd - That Which Was, MCD/Picture disc 1999
  • On Wings of Rapture, CD single 2000
  • Volven, CD/LP/Picture disc 2000
  • Frigga’s Web, CD/LP 2002


  • Laguz - Within the Lake, CD 2004
  • Essensual, CD 2006
  • Dead Waters, CD 2009
  • Don't Kill The Animals, EP, 2009, with US artist Jarboe

Andréa Nebel[edit]

  • The Dark Side Of Dreaming, CD 2011

Aghast Manor[edit]

  • Gaslights, CD 2012
  • Penetrate, CD 2013

Guest appearances[edit]


  • Understanding the Northern Myths and Traditions (2000)
  • Dark Side of Dreaming - poems and short stories
  • Walking With The Night - a book of shadows
  • Feed My Shadow Nature
  • Simply Exceptional
  • The Shadow Of Eloise
  • The Neighbour
  • The Body In The Skeleton House
  • Behind Church Walls
  • Das Erbe der Familie Rimbaud


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