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Andrea Vecchiato is the Italian director of film Luminal, adapted from Isabella Santacroce's cult novel, which won Best Film at the Rome Independent Film Festival in 2004, starring Denis Lavant and scored by Michael Nyman and Gavin Rossdale. He is also an established fashion/portrait photographer. In January 2004, Isabella Santacroce dedicated to him her new novel Revolver.

Comic book writer Mike Carey, who co-wrote with him the screenplay Frost Flowers, has created a comic book character inspired by him and with the same name for Marvel Comics. The comic book version of Andrea Vecchiato is an alchemist, and makes his first appearance alongside the Fantastic Four in issues 39–41 of the series Ultimate Fantastic Four, where he entraps the evil alchemist Diablo.

Amidst the collectors of his fine art photography are James Birch, Lucien Pellat-Finet, the Groucho Club, Tom Parker-Bowles and Chas Smash.

In 2010 the Groucho Club in London has named a tequila based cocktail, the Vecchiato, after him.

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