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Andrea Reynolds (née Whiting) is a fictional character from the cancelled American Soap opera Search for Tomorrow. The role was originated by actress Virginia Gilmore in 1965 and played her until Lesley Woods took over the role in 1967. Actress Joan Copeland succeeded Woods in the role in 1968 and played her until 1972, when she left the canvas.

Andrea was the spiteful former wife of Sam Reynolds, who had fallen in love with Joanne Gardner. Jo's daughter, Patti Tate fell for Andrea's son, Dr. Len Whiting. Len was a weak-willed individual, who was often easy prey for his manipulative mother (Andrea made her son use her maiden name for his own surname). She made life miserable for both Len and Patti, and also made trouble for Joanne.

However, Andrea's manipulative nature was due to her heavy guilt over the death of Len's twin brother. She eventually relented in Len marrying Patti, and they all moved to Seattle. Andrea having become more sympathetic when she left Henderson. She also became a grandmother when Patti gave birth to daughter, Sarah.

When Patti returned to Henderson in 1986, she had told her mother that she and Len divorced, while they were in Seattle, and no mention was ever made of Andrea. It is presumed that she still lives in Seattle with her son, Len.